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How to Scrape Your Latest TripAdvisor Reviews (+ Autogenerate Images!)

Extracting and storing TripAdvisor reviews saves time and resources for hotels, restaurants, and more. Here's how to automate the process without code.

Unlocking the Potential of Notion Databases: 7 Proven Tips

Notion may not be a dedicated database, but its info-storing features can be potent when set up properly. Here's how to get the most out of your databases.

Airtable vs Notion Zapier Integrations: A Comparison Guide

If you're using Zapier to automate your workflows, you need to choose apps that integrate well with it. Here's how Airtable and Notion match up.

A Nocoder’s Guide to Formatting Scraped Data in Browser Automation

When automating browser tasks without code, you often need to format data to fit your needs. Here's how to do it with databases, Zapier, and Browserbear.

Navigating Credentials, Cookies, and Proxies in Browser Automation (A Nocode Guide)

In browser automation, there are times to use credentials, cookies, or proxies to simulate different browsing experiences. Here's what nocoders should know.

Simple Website Tests You Can Automate with Browserbear

Maintaining a great website involves constantly testing for errors. Here are a few ways Browserbear can help you pinpoint issues and promptly address them.

How to Automatically Scan for Missing Image Alt Text in Browserbear

Image alt text is crucial to site accessibility and SEO. This automation will scan new posts for missing alt text and prompt you to take action when necessary.

Solving CAPTCHAs Automatically with Browserbear: A Beginner's Guide

CAPTCHA-solving tools allow browser automations to access bot-protected sites. In this article, learn how to integrate them with your Browserbear tasks.

A Brief Guide to Line Items, Arrays, and Strings in Zapier

Knowing how to manipulate line items, trays, and strings in Zapier helps you organize and process data for better workflows. Learn how in this guide.

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