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Frequently Asked Questions

Popular questions about Roborabbit

Automated Tasks
What can I use Roborabbit for?
Roborabbit is a nocode browser automation tool also known as robotic process automation tool. You can use it to create automated tasks that run on a schedule, or get triggered by an integration. These tasks can perform any action from web scraping to downloading and storing files - anything that a human can do in a browser, except this all runs in the cloud.
How long will a web scraping task take to complete?
Task completion time will depend on the website (some sites are slower than others) and the number of pages you are crawling.
Do I need to understand coding?
No, Roborabbit is a nocode tool. You set up your automations using our task builder. You can see the task builder in action by watching our Academy videos.
Where can I find the API documentation?
The latest version of the API documentation can always be found at the API Reference site.
Can I run tasks simultaneously?
Roborabbit is cloud-based and we do not impose any limitations on running simultaneous tasks — you can run as many simultaneous tasks as you need to.
Account / Billing
How does the free trial work?
You can sign up for free and use Roborabbit with 100 Credits on the free trial, no credit card required.
How do I upgrade / downgrade my plan?
You can upgrade or downgrade at any time from your account page.
How do I cancel my plan?
You can cancel at any time from your account page.
What happens when my plan is canceled?
When a plan is canceled, any related tasks will be deleted.
What happens if my payment fails?
After the first failed payment, we'll notify you via email and attempt the payment again over the next 14 days.
Cloud Runtime
What if I go over my Runtime Quota?
It is not possible to go over your monthly runtime quota. You will need to upgrade your plan if you hit this limit and need to keep running tasks.
How much runtime quota will I need?
Since every website and task is different, it can be hard to estimate. The entry level $49 / mo Automate plan should be sufficient to crawl / extract data from 3600 web pages per month.
Can I invite my team to collaborate with me?
You can invite team members to a workspace where they can create their own tasks and run the tasks using your account quota.

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