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Financial Data

Use Roborabbit to easily capture the financial data that you need including stock prices, market caps, crypto prices, bid, ask, volume and more.

Extract the data you need from any website and save to Airtable or Google Sheets using our direct integration. No coding required.

Set up an automated task to get the data you need, free trial no credit card required.

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    "close": 729.85,
    "open": 726.46,
    "company": "Ferry-Stoltenberg and Sons",
    "industry": "Information Technology and Services"
    "close": 817.03,
    "open": 810.19,
    "company": "Pfannerstill, Kertzmann and Weimann and Sons",
    "industry": "Information Technology and Services"
    "close": 338.92,
    "open": 338.22,
    "company": "Jacobi-Miller Group",
    "industry": "Tobacco"

How to Clean Scraped Data with Roborabbit

Scrubbing your scraped information, improves accuracy, streamlines downstream processes, and produces a high-quality data set. Here's how you can clean your extracted data with Roborabbit.

Our Guide to Browserbear Data Extraction (Data Types & Examples)

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6 Ways to Automate Your Pricing Data (Without Code!)

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