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Real Estate Data

Use Roborabbit to easily capture the real estate data that you need including property name, address, geolocation, pricing, photos and more.

Every task created with Roborabbit comes with its own API allowing you to trigger tasks programmatically and collect data via webhooks or custom JSON feeds that you can tailor to your needs.

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    "price": 163000,
    "sqft": 1446,
    "street_address": "8471 Lind Parkways",
    "zip_code": "07225",
    "state": "Louisiana",
    "latitude": 41.74932331845156,
    "longitude": -127.57614174998811
    "price": 146000,
    "sqft": 1239,
    "street_address": "59787 Derek Bridge",
    "zip_code": "61031",
    "state": "Texas",
    "latitude": 78.43754680666132,
    "longitude": 136.2453299304144
    "price": 304000,
    "sqft": 138,
    "street_address": "93039 Harris Skyway",
    "zip_code": "97255-2756",
    "state": "Wyoming",
    "latitude": 45.89334078206292,
    "longitude": -23.395899272688865

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