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Financial Data

Use Roborabbit to easily capture the financial data that you need including stock prices, market caps, crypto prices, bid, ask, volume and more.

Roborabbit's task editor is a drag and drop web scraping / browser automation tool that can automate complex scraping jobs with no coding required.s

Set up an automated task to get the data you need, free trial no credit card required.

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    "close": 411.09,
    "open": 407.43,
    "company": "Carroll, Batz and Crona LLC",
    "industry": "Chemicals"
    "close": 132.98,
    "open": 132.14,
    "company": "Ferry, Rice and Bartoletti LLC",
    "industry": "Information Technology and Services"
    "close": 430.3,
    "open": 424.43,
    "company": "Champlin, Rodriguez and Hegmann Inc",
    "industry": "Information Technology and Services"

How to Debug Your Roborabbit Tasks (A Nocode Guide)

Debugging automated browser tasks can be a challenge, and knowing where to start troubleshooting can be a lifesaver. This guide will show you where to start when a Roborabbit task goes wrong.

How to Clean Scraped Data with Roborabbit

Scrubbing your scraped information, improves accuracy, streamlines downstream processes, and produces a high-quality data set. Here's how you can clean your extracted data with Roborabbit.

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