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How do I scrape data from multiple pages?

It's possible to create a looping step that can save data from multiple pages. This works by using either a Save Attribute or Save Structured Data action with another Save Structured Data action as shown in the example below.

The first step is to create an action that saves a list of links that Browserbear can loop through. The second step is to direct Browserbear to the data elements that you want to save on those pages.

Note: While Browserbear loops through the links, you may run into hiccups if the page structure isn't identical on the listed pages.

Save the page links

Check out the guides below for some help with this step!

Create the looping iteration

Once you've created the action that saves the links, the next step is to add a Save Structured Data action to save the data you want on those pages.

  1. Add a new Save Structured Data action to your task
  2. Head to the web-page that has the data you want to save
  3. Use the Browserbear Helper to select the parent element that contains all the data you need and copy the Xpath data to the Helper field
  4. Use the Data Picker to add the data you want to save from the parent element
  5. Hit Save

Note: The Browserbear Academy has a video tutorial on this topic under Loop and Save Data that you may find useful.

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