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How does browserbear quota work?

The current pricing plans and their quotas are available at https://www.browserbear.com/pricing/.

Some important notes:

  • Estimated task time - this is an internal estimate of how long a task may take to complete and is calculated upon running the task.
  • Actual task time - this is the actual time the task takes to complete and is calculated upon completing the task.

When you run a task, Browserbear will make an estimate of how long the run may take. Once the run has completed, Browserbear will either deduct or credit the difference between the estimated and actual time it took to complete the run.

For example, Browserbear estimates your run will take 10 seconds and deducts that amount from your quota. If the actual task time is only 8 seconds upon completion, Browserbear will credit the 2 seconds difference to your quota. 

Note: Failed tasks will result in the estimated task time being deducted. The elapsed time does not represent the amount deducted.

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